Choosing a Home Defense Shotgun

Alot of people are looking towards the shotgun as their “go to” home defense firearm and for good reason. A shotgun has alot going for it in a home defense situation ….. it’s simple to use, uses a highly effective round which is very versatile and just the look and sound of a shotgun is a very menacing thing, sometimes that alone can end an situation. Continue reading

What makes a Fiream Reliable?

What makes a firearm reliable?

This is a question that alot of new gun owners (and some experienced ones) have been asking for quite a long time.

The answer is a little complicated because there may not be one anser. Depending on who you talk to, different things might add up to a reliable firearm. Some people will choose the simplicity route and say that the simpler a gun is, with less moving parts, the more inherently reliable it is and there in alot of truth to that.Some people will say reliability comes from having a good reputation of being able to fire a certain number of rounds through a gun without a failure, and that too is an excellent way to gauge reliability. Others will say that a tried and true design like a bolt action rifle or 1911 pistol that has been battle tested for decades is the true test of reliability.

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